Jellyfish can live forever… so should your retirement.

Our salaried-only Retirement Pros can help you build a retirement that is deisgned to last longer than you. We call it the Immortal Retirement. Schedule a 15 min call to see if we are right for you…

Our Mission

Our mission is to successfully transition you to a retirement that is designed to last longer than you so that you don’t worry about running out of money.

The fear of running out of money continues to prevent many people from enjoying their retirement. The Immortal Retirement can help you get rid of this fear.

Are you ready to see what the Immortal Retirement could do for you?

What Is The Immortal Retirement?

Named after the Immortal Jellyfish (only animal that can biologically live forever), the Immortal Retirement is a unique way to designe your retirement so that it lasts longer than you.

There are three parts to the Immortal Retirement:

The Fluid Risk Strategy

We use a little-known strategy for your risk assets that is designed to make money in up or down markets.

The Miracle Asset

When funded correctly, these two two miracle assets that can offer growth, liquidity, and principal protection.

The Retirement Builder

Use our proprietary software (The Retirement Builder) to build and maintain your retirement for as long as you live.

Why People Want To Work With Jellyfish Wealth

All Under One Roof

Get investments, insurance, taxes, and estate plan guidance under one roof so that your retirement is easy to maintain.

Salaried-Only Retirement Pros

Work with a salaried-only retirement pro that is not compromised by commissions so that you can get the right guidance throughout retirement.

Flat Fees

One simple, flat fee that can guide and support you throughout your retirement.

How To Start

Before any commitments are made or services are offered, we require a 15 min conversation with you. Why? We want to know what you expect in retirement. If we can meet your expectations, we can proceed. If not, we’d rather know up front and not proceed. The conversation is also an opportunity for you to determine if we are a fit or not before committing to anything. It’s OK to say no at the end of the call. Our relationships are based on mutual trust and respect.

Step 1: Schedule Your Call

Schedule a 15 min call with one of our Retirement Pros to review our principles/services. In the end, both parties can determine how to proceed.

Step 2: Build Your Retirement

Build a custom, principle-based retirement with one of our Retirement Pros so you can enjoy the retirement you want.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Retirement

Let us manage everything for you for one fixed price. We’ll provide your income, file your taxes, update your estate docs, and more every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Start Planning?

The first step is to book a 15 min demo with a Retirement Pro so you can see what it would be like working with Jellyfish Wealth. At the end of the call, you can determine if you want to proceed with us or not. It's OK to say no in the call.

What Do You Get From On-Going Retirement Management?

On-going retirement management is intended to handle most all financial aspects of retirement for you. We will file your taxes each year. We will review your estate documents and beneficiaries each year. We will conduct tax planning and implement tax minimization strategies for you each year. We monitor the retirement regulations, like Required Minimum Distributions, so you don't get penalized. 

As the financial environment shifts, we will be there to handle it for you. We like to think of it as treating you kind of like how the ultra-wealthy are treated by wall-street. 

Can I Cancel On-Going Retirement Management?

Yes. On-going retirement management is an annual agreement that may be canceled at any point. We bill for the year on January 1 of each year, and that takes care of all services for that year.

We do require that all retirees on the on-going retirement management program have a credit card on file. 

Why Are You Named After A Jellyfish?

A jellyfish (the immortal jellyfish) is the only biological animal that can live forever. When you consider your goals, the jellyfish may be one of the best representations of your retirement.

Also, jellyfish don't have a heart or brain. They operate based on principle. We believe your retirement should be based on principle as well. Don't let emotions cloud your judgment and decisions.

Lastly, jellyfish's tentacles never get tangled. Too often, retirees get tangled up with their investments and retirement plan. From liquidity problems to having too much risk when the markets go down, there are countless ways you can get stuck. Your retirement should flow like a jellyfish, free from a tangled mess.

How Much Is On-Going Retirement Management?

$2,500 annually with a one-year commitment.