If You Had The Tools To Create Your Retirement, Would You?

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you every step of the way…

Have You Asked Yourself What If?

What if you could retire a couple years sooner, would you?

What if you could retire in the zero percent tax bracket, would you?

What if you could increase your income each year by thousands of dollars, would you?


What do you want in retirement?

Why People Want To Work With Jellyfish Wealth

All Under One Roof

Instead of being the middle person between your Advisor, CPA, and Estate Attorny, get all the advice and guidance you need under one roof.

Jellyfish Wealth and its internal network offer investment, insurnance, tax, and estate support so that you don’t have to be caught in the middle.

More Control And Transparancy

Jellyfish Wealth provides proprietary tools, like the Retirement Builder, so you can calculate, evaluate, and adjust your retirement whenver you want.

This is your retirement and you should have context and control over how you enjoy the best years of your life.

Salaried-Only Retirement Pros

Ever wonder if the financial advice you received was influenced by compensation?

All of our staff are salaried only so that you know whatever advice you recieve is really in your best interest.

Pay Less In Fees

We only charge a flat annual fee to manage your retirement. This often leads to thousands of dollars saved every year in retirement.

Please note, assets under active risk management may have additional fees. It is not required, neither is it always suitable to place assets under active risk management.

How To Start Creating The Retirement You Want

Step 1: Create

The Retirement

You Want

Click “Get Started” at the top of your screen, make an account, and create the retirement you want with The Retirement Builder in 5 min or less.

Step 2: Confirm

Your Retirement


Schedule a complimentary 10 min call with one of our salaried-only Retirement Pros who can confirm your numbers and can help answer you questions.

Step 3: Enjoy

The Retirement

You Built

Enjoy your the retirement you built for the rest of your life. Don’t worry, our Retirement Pros are here to guide you throughout retirement.

Jellyfish Wealth was created to:

Be the only resource you need in retirement.

Offer salaried-only support so that commissions do not affect advice.

Support those with less than two million in assets as if they had 20 million in assets.

Serve those who want to DIY their retirement as well as those who want everything done for them.


This is the new way to enjoy retirement!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Start Planning?

The first step is to start your trial and see what your retirement could look like in 5 minutes or less. The trial includes tutorials to help you along the way. 

After you see your analysis, you’ll be offered a complimentary, 60 min Q&A call with one of our salaried retirement pros. In that call, you can decide if you want to work with us or not. If you want to work with us, you will decide what level of planning you want.

What Do You Get From On-Going Retirement Management?

On-going retirement management is intended to handle most all financial aspects of retirement for you. We will file your taxes each year. We will review your estate documents and beneficiaries each year. We will conduct tax planning and implement tax minimization strategies for you each year. We monitor the retirement regulations, like Required Minimum Distributions, so you don’t get penalized. 

As the financial environment shifts, we will be there to handle it for you. We like to think of it as treating you kind of like how the ultra-wealthy are treated by wall-street. 

How Much Is On-Going Retirement Management?

$1,500 annually with a one-year commitment.

Please note, assets under active risk management may have additional fees. It is not required, neither is it always suitable to place assets under active risk management.

Why Are You Named After A Jellyfish?

A jellyfish (the immortal jellyfish) is the only biological animal that can live forever. When you consider your goals, the jellyfish may be one of the best representations of your retirement.

Also, jellyfish don’t have a heart or brain. They operate based on principle. We believe your retirement should be based on principle as well. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment and decisions.

Lastly, jellyfish’s tentacles never get tangled. Too often, retirees get tangled up with their investments and retirement plan. From liquidity problems to having too much risk when the markets go down, there are countless ways you can get stuck. Your retirement should flow like a jellyfish, free from a tangled mess.

What Do You Discuss In The 60 Min Q&A?

The purpose of the 60 min Q&A is to review the principles of retirement, discuss what you have built in The Retirement Builder, answer any questions you may have about retirement, and determine if you want to plan with us or not. At the end of the call, we will briefly review the different planning levels. It’s OK if you decide you don’t want to plan with us. 

Can I Cancel On-Going Retirement Management?

Yes. On-going retirement management is an annual agreement that may be canceled at any point. We bill for the year on January 1 of each year, and that takes care of all services for that year.

We do require that all retirees on the on-going retirement management program have a credit card on file.