How We Build The Immortal Retirement

Don’t worry, our salried-only Retirement Pros we’ll guide you ever step of the way

Phase One: Development 

Step 1: Income & Investments

Income is the baseline of any retirement and the investments are the fuel to get you there. The first step is to use The Retirement Builder and determine when you can retire and how much income can you take. Once the income is determined, recomendations on how to adjust your investments are made so that you can transition into retirement under the Immortal Retirement protocol.

Step 2: Endings & Estates

When you work with the end in mind, you can make better decisions now. Whether you want to leave assets to your heirs or want to spend as much as possible, “your ending” should be determind by you and not probate. This step will run you through different situations that may occur so that you are prepared for whatever may come.

Step 3: Traps & Taxes

Before you can deem your retirement an “Immortal Retirement” you must address the potential retirement traps. That includes finding solutions for when taxes go up, when your health goes down, when markets become hetcic, and so on. This step is intended to prepare you for not if but when your retirement experiences turbulant times so that when it happens, you don’t lose a minute of sleep over it.

Step 4: Funding & Finalization

We believe you should have a complete scope of what your Immortal Retirement would look like before you move any money. This step is where we present the recomended investments and adjustments needed to make your customize Immortal Retirement work. At this point, you can decide to proceed or not. We respect your decision either way.

Step 5: The Immortal Retirement Awaits 

Once everything is funded and ready to start, we do one last review to make sure everything is in place. On this call, we also make sure you have access to all the resources available only to clients. At this point, your retirement adventures begin. Don’t forget to send us a postcasd every now and then. 

Phase Two: Maintenance

Overview: Maintaining The Immortal Retirement

For those who want us to manage their retirement, we offer a fixed management fee that handles most all financial needs in retirement including:

  • Managing your income requests/needs
  • Filing your taxes each year
  • Minimizing your taxes
  • Managing your investments
  • Monitoring your required minimum distributinos (RMDs)
  • Updateing your estate plan (if created by our team)
  • And more…

We require two calls every year to touch base and make sure all is well. However, our Retirement Pros are available to help you with whatever may come. 

First Annual Call

The first call of each year is to discuss your taxes before we officially file them. We also take a moment to discuss your portfolio, investments, and retirement overall. The purpose of this call is to verify that everything is going smoothly. 

Second Annual Call

The second call of each year is intended to proactivly update your estate or other documents so that they acurately reflect your wishes. In addition, we discuss any tax minimization opportunities and expected income for the following year. This call usually happens between August and November each year. 

Schedule A 15 Min Call And See If The Immortal Retirement Is Right For You…

Aspects Covered Under The Immortal Retirement

Retirement Planning is complicated. We are here help you design a retirement that not only lasts longer than you, but it also covers the different critical areas as seen below.

Income Planning

How much do you need, net of tax, to be able to retire? If markets go down, can you still afford that lifestyle?

Investment Planning

Are you still diversified for growth, like when you held a job and had a paycheck coming in? If so, it may be time to consider adjusting your portfolio and investments.

Tax Planning

If taxes are relatively low and national debt is historically high, do you believe taxes will go up? If so, do you have a plan to anticipate the possible change?

Healthcare Planning

Can you afford the cost of declining health? Some will self-insure while others may choose other options. What will you do?

Estate Planning

Do you have an updated trust? A great way to ruin family relationships is to leave it to them to figure it out. Are your documents in order?

Retirement Management

Are you able to keep up with politicians shifting the retirement landscape? We are here to guide you every step of the way.

*Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against losses.